Initiatives and Health Innovations in UT Chandigarh

The Health Deptt, Chandigarh has carried out several Innovation activities  with the sole guidance of Worthy Mission Director in different program are as under:

A. Health Innovations

B. Innovations PROJECT- BANDHAN PYAR KA………….

1. Appreciation Certificates on Breast Feeding Week


Impact – All the mothers who after delivery breast feed their new born are awarded these certificate. Thereby motivating and encouraging the practice of breast feeding

2. Discharge card holder

Discharge card

Family planning methods

Impact- The discharge card holder is in the shape of folder in which the newly delivered mother is given her discharge slip. It carries all information required by newly delivered lady as to postnatal care, immunization, family planning methods and nutrition. Thereby equipping the lady with wholesome knowledge about motherhood.

3. Immunization Certificate

Immunization Certificate

Impact – The immunization certificate has become a mandatory document for school admission as well as for the renewal/making of new ration card in U.T, Chandigarh. The certificate to be issued to the child after complete immunization has been printed in the immunization card itself Thereby inculcating the habit of preserving this important document by the mother of the baby.

4. School Stickers with Immunization Schedule

School Stickers

Impact- Stickers carrying the name label as well as immunization schedule have been printed and distributed to the students of classes Vth & Xth of Govt. schools. Thereby making them aware about the due dosage of their tetanus Toxoid vaccination as well as the rest of the vaccination schedule.

5. ‘Haq Se Maango Pamphlets’


Impact – The pamphlets carrying the information regarding the rightful demands that the beneficiaries can make at the health facility have been printed and distributed liberally in all the areas of Chandigarh. Thereby generating awareness about the rights of the beneficiaries.

6. Booklet on Emergency Contraceptive Pills


Impact: - To check the usage of emergency contraceptive pills liberally by the people, awareness is being generated by displaying this booklet by the ANM to the beneficiaries. This will stop the indiscriminate use of emergency contraceptive pills.

  • Stickers for Rickshaws(Mobile Awareness)

Stickers for Rickshaws

Impact - Stickers with slogans on breast feeding, immunization, institutional delivery & ante-natal care were pasted on approx. 500 rickshaws in the city, using the mobility of these vehicles for generation of awareness amongst the masses.


Sensitive issues are always given a priority by the health department, one such issue is the issue of Adolescent health. It is the period of transition whereby the individual is neither a child nor an adult but is on the threshold of a new chapter of his/her life thereby the name---Project Dehleez.

Project Dehleez

Booklet released

Booklet being released by Hon’ble Health Secretary Sh.Ram Niwas,I.A.S

Impact - The training on ARSH imparted to the medical officers as well as teachers has gone a long way in generating awareness regarding the needs and the handling of an adolescent. The booklet- ‘Lets share’ has become popular amongst the school as well as college going children. Thereby enriching the fertile minds with right kind of knowledge required by them at this sensitive juncture of life.


GOAL – Let No Girl Vanish From The Womb

Carrying forward the wishful mission of the Health Department, U.T., Chandigarh to eradicate this evil, ‘Project Mashaal’ has been conceived. It is to tackle the issue which is cutting into the roots of our society by creating an imbalance in the sex ratio of U.T., Chandigarh. It is these constant as well as effective measures which are going to go a long way in creating consciousness as well as a sense of commitment and responsibility in the residents towards this issue. Under this project, various activities as to audio, print media, advertisements, visual media, posters & slogan competitions, rallies, exhibitions, workshops have been carried out for effective implementation.

Project Mashaal

Candle lighting after the Mega Rally

Candle lighting after the Mega Rally

Mobile awareness through vaccine van

Mobile awareness

Pledge board to be signed by the Ultrasonologists pledging their support for the cause.

Partnership initiative program

Celebration of ‘Save Girl Child Week’ being inaugurated by Madam Home Secretary

Impact-The address of this important issue has brought about a revolution as well as change in the mindset of the city . It is the contribution of each level of individual which has helped in bringing about this change

Fever Card and Dengue Homework Card

Celebration of ‘Save Girl Child Week’

Awareness regarding Malaria and Dengue

Impact – The awareness regarding Malaria and Dengue became easy and understandable with the distribution of these cards

Carry Bags with messages on Leprosy

Impact – Since Chandigarh has been declared Polythene free, these carry bags with messages on Leprosy are doing the needful for utility as well as awareness

Mud-Flappers for cycles

Impact – These mud flappers on cycles are being used to generate awareness regarding the importance of iodine in our diet. This is being used for mobile awareness.

COMMUNITY MONITORING – a step ahead ……………

(Voice of the people)

National Rural Health Mission, U.T, Chandigarh keeping up to its reputation of tapping the potential of the residents as well as of voluntary workers has come up with the novel idea of utilizing the services of NSS Volunteers to take forward the process of Community Monitoring. Approximately 220 NSS Volunteers have been sensitized and trained to do the Community Monitoring in all the 22 villages of U.T, Chandigarh thereby becoming the ‘Voice of the People’ as to their expectations from the Health system

It is an open minded and positive interaction between the health authorities and the community which will go a long way in developing a system which would provide equitable and accessible health facilities to the beneficiaries. These young, fertile and innovative minds would help in inculcating awareness about the determinants of health and health related entitlements for the community under NRHM. They will carry the message of healthy life style as well as maintain the record of implementation of various National Health program in the community.

Impact - Since villages form the backbone of any city the monitoring process being undertaken by them shall help in judging the percolation of services at the grass root level. Their interaction shall act as a testing ground as far as the implementation of health facilities is concerned. Keeping in stride with the times, this innovation shall prove beneficial not only for monitoring under NRHM but shall also pave way for others to follow.



(Adoption of Villages)

To strengthen the roots and to reinforce the cementing of the services being rendered to the beneficiary by various program, ‘Project – Foundation’ has been formulated to be implemented in U.T. Chandigarh to achieve the motive of ‘HEALTHY ROOTS FOR HEALTHY FRUITS’. There are twenty two villages in Chandigarh forming the peripheries while some are very much within the city. Each program has adopted two villages to implement all its parameters regarding the optimum outcome of its targets chalked to be achieved. The Program officer has formulated a plan specific to his program to attain the status of a perfect village or ideal village as per his program. Once this motive is achieved the program would go ahead to adopt next two villages but making sure that its work is carried forward in its absence by the local work force generated by it during its stay in these two villages. In this manner all the villages are going to be covered in a cyclic fashion thereby uniting with the villages to give an IDEAL VILLAGE status to it. A banner regarding the name of the program by which the village has been adopted as well as the details of the program shall be displayed at a prominent place in the village.



An activity by the name “SWASTHYA MANCH” is proposed for all the 22 villages of U.T, Chandigarh. The attempt is to utilize to platform provided during the celebration of Village Health & Nutrition Day for the overall development of the participants with regard to health, sanitation and rural development. The Medical Officer of the area would be representing the Health Department to address the antenatal mothers, nursing mothers as well as the adolescent girls of the area. The representatives of Sanitation Department and Rural Development Department would ensure to address the problems being faced by the residents. Since it is going to be held on last Friday of every month, the output generated out of these meetings can be monitored as well as the steps taken to resolve the problems attained so far can be discussed.


(For Slum Intervention)

Keeping in view the focused approach for an effective monitoring and implementation of maternal health and child health services in the slums. UT Chandigarh has come out with an innovative approach to have focused vision to address the population residing in the slum. To formulate a plan the population of the slum has been estimated and the required staff for the effective estimation as well as for the delivery of service to the mother in the form of ANC,PNC, FP services and the child in the form of complete immunization is asked for in the PIP 2010-11.A team comprising of two ANMs, two MPHW(M) along with a LHV to supervise them has been planned. This team shall be accountable for the achievements of all the indicators of RCH amongst the beneficiaries residing in that slum.

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