Universal Immunization Program


Universal Immunization Program (UIP) Mission to provide high quality immunization services to all communities in order to prevent mortality, morbidity and disability from diseases that are preventable through the optimum use of vaccines currently available and vaccines that become available from time to time

  • District level orientation training including Hep B ,Measles & JE for 2 days ANM, Multipurpose Health worker (Male ),LHV,Health Assistant (Male /Female ), Nurse ,Midwives, BEEs & other staff
  • The Inactivated PolioVirus(IPV) vaccine in Immunization schedule in U.T Chandigarh w.e.f 25th April 2016

Advertisement on Pulse Polio round in UT Chandigarh The next SNID round for Pulse Polio has been scheduled on 22nd and 23rd Nov. 2015

India's Universal Immunization Program (U.I.P.) is one of the largest in the world in terms of quantities of vaccine used, the number of beneficiaries, the number of Immunization session organized, the geographical spread and diversity of areas covered. The national policy of Immunization of all children during the first year of life with DPT, OPV, BCG to complete the series of primary vaccination before reaching the age of one year was adopted in 1978 with the lunching of EPI to increase the Immunization coverage in infancy to 80%. Universal Immunization program UIP was lunched in 1985 in a phased manner. The measles vaccine was added in 1985 and in 1990 Vit A supplementation was added to the program.


For Pregnant Women  


Early in pregnancy
TT-2 4 weeks after TT-1 (To be given before 36 weeks of pregnancy)
TT-Booster If pregnancy occur within three years or last TT vaccination (To be given before 36 weeks of pregnancy)
For Infants  
BCG, At birth (for institutional deliveries).
Hep-B0 At birth if delivery is in institution
OPV-0 At birth if delivery is in institution
OPV-1st, 2nd & 3rd At 6 weeks, 10 weeks & 14 weeks
Pentavalent -1st,2nd & 3rd At 6 weeks, 10 weeks & 14 weeks
Measles – 1st Dose 9-12 months
Vitamin-A (1st Dose) At 9 months with measles
For children  
DPT Booster 16-24 months
OPV Booster 16-24 months
Measles - 2nd 16-24 months
Vitamin – A (2nd to 5th dose) 16 months with DPT/ OPV booster 24 month, 30 months and 36 months
DPT Booster 5 years,
TT 10 Years & 16 Years

Newer Vaccines in UIP  In CHANDIGARH.

  • Introduction of IPV: - IPV is the inactivated polio viruses vaccine and contains all three types of killed polio viruses. It is therefore very important that the selected cohort of children between 14 weeks to 1 year get one dose of IPV with the third dose of OPV during routine immunization sessions.

A State Level workshop for the introduction of IPV for U.T Chandigarh was held on 21st August 2015 at Hotel Taj, Sector-17 under the chairperson ship of the Worthy Health-cum-Home Secretary, U.T Chandigarh.

  • Launch of Pentavalent Vaccine in U.T Chandigarh:-

Liquid Pentavalent Vaccine is a Vaccine Having 5 Antigen (DPT+Hep B+Hib) in a single Formulation. It is a multi dose Vial (10 Doses) that replaced previously existing vaccines at age of 6th, 10th& 14thweeks of children.ThisPentavalent vaccine was launched on 17th July 2015 by the worthy Advisor to Administrator & Health-cum- Home Secretary, U.T Chandigarh

Pulse Polio Campaign for Year 2015-16.

Sr. No Dates SNID/NID Children Vaccinated
1 18-20th January 2015 National Immunization Day 122693
2 22 -24thFebruary 2015 National Immunization Day 124855
3 26- 27thApril Sub National Immunization Day 84124
4 21-22nd June Sub National Immunization Day 82362
5 2-23rdNovember Sub National Immunization Day 87707
6 17-19thJanuary 2016 National Immunization Day 121343
7 21- 23rd February 2016 National Immunization Day 119896

Inauguration of the February NID round was done by worthy Health-cum-Home Secretary, Mr. Anurag Aggarwal, IAS. And Next SNID (Sub national Immunization Campaign) is Scheduled on 29th May & 25th September 2016.


ADVERSE EVENTS FOLLOWING IMMUNIZATION (AEFI) is a medical incident that takes place after an immunization, causes concern and is believed to be caused by immunization. An AEFI may occur because of Programmatic errors or sensitivity to vaccine or it may occur coincidentally.

A District level AEFI Committee has been constituted to  oversee  the AEFIs management, evaluation and its proper reporting in Case Reporting Format (CRF), Preliminary Information Report (PIR) and Final Investigation Report (FIR) so that Govt. of India may be informed accordingly.


To strengthen AFP reporting in Chandigarh, following 15 reporting centres have been notified:

1. Deptt.of Pediatrics, PGI-12,

2. Deptt.of Pediatrics, GMCH-32

3. Deptt.of Pediatrics, GMSH-16

4. Police Hospital-26

5. Community Health Centre 22

6. Community Health Centre Manimajra

7. Civil Dispensary 20

8. Civil Dispensary Dadumajra

9. ESI Dispensary-29

10.ESI Model Hospital Ram Darbar

11.Civil Dispensary Ram Darbar

12. Rural Health Training Centre Palsora

13. Urban Health Training Centre Indira Colony

14. Civil Dispensary Mauli Jagran

15. CH, 45




18423 1691715967
Immunization (HMIS ) Reporting Coverage 2011-12 %age coverage against the estimated yearly targets Coverage 2012-13 %age coverage against the estimated yearly targets Coverage 2013-14 %age coverage against the estimated yearly targets Coverage 2014-15 %age coverage against the estimated yearly targets Coverage 2015-16 %age coverage against the estimated yearly targets
BCG 24459 152.87 24479 143.99 26108 131.13 27219 138.42 27710 145.84


18597 116.23 18270 107.41 17954 104.38 15411 90.23 96.96
DPT2/Pentavalent 16721 104.51 16602 97.66 16501 92.63 14208 73.81 89.03
DPT3/Pentavalent Coverage 3 16197 101.23 16290 95.82 16543 92.98 14646 81.88 16562 87.17
OPV 0 (Birth Dose 22882 143.01 23569 138.64 25047 133.11 26641 141.83 26959 141.89
OPV1 18908 118.18 18264 107.44 22330 102.94 17201 70.33 17442 90.38
OPV2 16619 103.87 16599 97.64 17430 94.27 15676 87.52 16261 85.58
16217 101.36 16290 95.83 16950 94.16 15848 88.04 84.04
15613 97.58 162275 95.74 17122 95.12 16205 90.03 16366 86.14
Full Immunization 15171 94.82 16050 94.41 16879 93.77 16052 89.18 16215 85.34

Mission Indradhanush

>As per directions of GOI, in order to improve the vaccination coverage, Government of India is launching phase-II of Mission Indradhanush in 297 Medium focus districts across the country on 7th October 2015.This was followed by week long intensified Immunization drives for three consecutive months, starting from 7th November & 7th December 2015, 7th January 2016 & Chandigarh was listed as a district for the Implementation of Mission Indradhanush in Phase-II.

The Mission Indradhanush includes the dropout & Left out children and the Pregnant women.


Dr. Sangeeta Ajay

District Immunization Officer, Chandigarh Administration, Chandigarh

Address:District Family Welfare Bureau, Sector-22, Chandigarh

Telephone:0172-2701524, 0172-2702924(Office)

E-Mail Address:diochd[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in

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